Stephanie Ramsey-Russo


“The hardest part of leadership isn’t having the courage to do what’s right; it’s resisting the temptation to do what’s easy.”

Stephanie Russo serves as an active consultant to all Tristar’s partners to provide a level of service that always goes the extra mile. She leads the team by example by providing a level of service to all partners that she would expect to receive. For Stephanie, hard work and dedication are the key elements to success; nothing comes easy because if it does, it does not build character. She serves as an active consultant on all accounts. Stephanie is focused on creating exclusive value-added partnerships that enhance all client engagements.

When Stephanie is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, savoring summertime in New Jersey, and shopping, not necessarily in that order. Her most significant achievement is her daughter and her chief motivator. As a mother, Stephanie strives to set an example for her daughter in how she navigates all of her business relationships and challenges. Stephanie’s daughter and her adoring husband are the reasons Stephanie never gives up. Stephanie has always had aspirations as a fashion designer, and she still dabbles when the mood strikes.