Tristar’s fulfillment technology

An API-driven platform that comes with the tools needed to create streamlined, engaging, and accessible experiences for your users. Connect your systems quickly and securely while gaining access to intuitive technology tools that foster business growth.

woman looking at charts representing breadth of options available with Tristar's API

Client portal

Easily access and manage all program details and performance data.
Program notifications

Email, SMS, Voice. Automated delivery of all user notifications related to your programs

Ticketing management system

A robust, structured ticketing system for all program-related inquiries

Inventory management

For fast fulfillment and minimal errors, Tristar’s inventory management, warehousing, and custom shipping services are all in-house to accommodate all types of unique fulfillment programs

Middleware analytics

Crystal clear insights to optimize for a cost-effective, efficient, and customer-friendly program

Ordering system

Monitor stock levels and reorder all program-related prizes and giveaways from the client portal

Address standardization & verification

Automated data clean up of all program participants, eliminating fraud and waste

Customer service tools

Various customer support options are available – select a mix of live and automated customer support services by customizing the desired service level.

Offerings include:



Intelligent Virtual Agent powered by machine learning and AI available as a chatbot and dial-in services



Interactive Voice Response, an automated phone system technology


Live support

An onshore customer service team hired and trained by Tristar and working from Tristar’s home office

Development & launch

Tristar’s team works with yours to establish 2-week sprints for development.
During this time we:

Establish project scope


Execute planned feature development


Identify & resolve roadblocks


Refine the project backlog

Integration options

RESTful API suite

Power your programs with your systems and data with our secure (and easy to implement) API to establish a streaming data pipeline



Recurring, manual data pipeline can be ingested and processed with (almost) any available data source.