Rebate processing

Rebate processing reimagined.

Our expert team handles every aspect of your rebate program, from form design and printing to processing and fulfillment.

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Boost sales

Incentivizing your customers drives customer engagement and increases sales volumes.


Foster loyalty

Memorable promotions and timely rewards keep your customers coming back for more.


Enhance brand awareness

Rewards amplify visibility of your brand and keeps you at the forefront of leads and repeat customers.

Rebate processing overview

What is rebate processing?

Rebate processing boosts sales, fosters loyalty, and enhances brand awareness. Choose Tristar for seamless management and optimized results. Unlock the power of rebates with us and achieve unparalleled success.


What rebate processing services do we offer?

Tristar provides a comprehensive range of rebate processing services to drive your business forward.

Rebate form design

Our team specializes in creating rebate forms that are user friendly for consumers

Custom submission sites

Our tailor-made rebate submission websites with validation features based on client specific rules

Rebate validation

We ensure the accuracy and authenticity of rebate claims

Fraud management

Our fraud management measures protect against rebate fraud, ensuring program integrity

Customer support

Our dedicated team offers exceptional support throughout the rebate process, addressing inquiries and resolving issues

Data management

We monitor customer demographics & redemption rates and provide actionable insights


We fulfill rebates by issuing various rewards to successful claimants, including checks, prepaid cards, and merchandise


Ready to elevate your rebate program?

Tristar dedicates itself to delivering superior service and support.

Our team of seasoned rebate processing experts possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to assist you in designing, implementing, and managing a successful rebate program. With our comprehensive suite of services, which includes robust fraud management measures, you can direct your attention to your core business while we efficiently handle your rebate program.

Reach out to Tristar Fulfillment, the experts in rebate processing. We’re here to support your success!